• Juxtapoz presents: De Colores de Cheech


    Directed by Gregg Gibbs Produced by Maura McCoy Executive Produced by Gwynned Vitello Cinematography and Editing by Jonny Cournoyer Production Sound by Anthony Hays Color Correction and Sound Mix by Jonny Cournoyer July 2015
  • Juxtapoz presents: Neil Young “Special Deluxe”

    Directed by Gregg Gibbs
    Produced by Maura McCoy
    Edited by Jonny Cournoyer
    Cinematography by Jonny Cournoyer and Christopher Felver
    Music by Jonny Cournoyer and OLD WAR SHIRT
    Special thanks to Greg Escalante, Robert Berman, Juxtapoz Magazine
  • Across the Creek

    Across the Creek explores both the unbridled dreams and the painful reality of Lakota people from South Dakota. In the face of unfathomable challenges, they are taking steps to better their lives. “It’s still here.” That’s the assurance of Lakota elder Albert White Hat that the spirituality, songs and power of Lakota people are fully present today. “It’s still here,” he says again, for emphasis. These words seem at odds with appearances on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations, with their broken-down villages, deadly addictions and the sense of hopelessness. In Across the Creek, everyday heroes are turning around negative history and reclaiming traditional stories, visions and core values that once effectively guided healthy, productive tribal life. With few visible examples of positive action, the most powerful strategy is just walking the talk. Or, put another way, by crossing the creek. The film premiered on PBS in November 2014. www.pbs.org/program/across-creek Director
: Jonny Cournoyer Producer
: Jonny Cournoyer Editors
: Christian Glawe and Jonny Cournoyer Directors of Photography & Sound
: Jonny Cournoyer and Christian Glawe Production Manager
: Michael Garvey Musical Score by
: Jonny Cournoyer Additional Footage by: 
Michael Garvey Interviewers: 
David Cournoyer
, Ronald Cournoyer
, Michael Garvey Production Consultants
: David Cournoyer
, Ron Cournoyer
, Tim Cournoyer This program is a co-production of Ten Rounds Pictures and Vision Maker Media with major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Judy Chicago: 3 Works, 2012

    Sublime Environment Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, CA, January 19, 2012 Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival -A restating of a Dry Ice work originally presented in 1968 by Judy Chicago, Llyod Hamrol and the late Eric Orr. Working with Materials and Applications, Chicago and her husband, Donald Woodman, reconceived this piece using twenty-five tons of dry ice. A Butterfly for Pomona Pomona College, Claremont, CA, January 21, 2012 Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival -Between 1968-1974, Judy Chicago created fireworks pieces all over southern California, the last "A Butterfly for Oakland" on the shores of Lake Merritt. In 2012, Chicago picked up where she left off, restating "A Butterfly for Pomona" on the football field at Pomona College. The Deflowering of Nye+Brown Culver City, CA, February 17, 2012 Commissioned by Tim Nye and Lexi Brown in conjunction with the exhibition "Deflowered, Judy Chicago" Cameras: Pablo Bryant, Alan Barker, Joan Churchill, Jonny Cournoyer, Donald Woodman Sound: Alan Barker Score: Jonny Cournoyer Editing: Jonny Cournoyer A special thanks to: Glenn Phillips The Getty Research Institute LAX Art Sublime Environment was created with Materials and Applications Copyright 2012 Nye+Brown